We've designed a new way for you to manage your time.

Being Late is Not a Positive Trait!

People are late all the time, for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is an inability to identity, organize, and accurately estimate how long things take, from drive times to routine activities like showering and eating. These small mistakes may only mean being five or ten minutes behind schedule, but they add up and they have an effect on your life.

People who are chronically late are seen as unreliable, irresponsible, and untrustworthy. This becomes the way other people perceive you and, ultimately, how you perceive yourself.

Having a Plan for What YOU Should be Doing Is a Positive Step!

When you and the people you care about have a Plan, things get done more effectively and priorities get addressed as they should. And more importantly helps reduce stress for yourself and those around you. All good, right?

Learning to Plan is a Process

Most people are not educated in planning techniques that they can use in everyday life, and while some develop various techniques that serve at some level the fact is that effective planning is a learning process. And, useful tools for learning how to Plan and help us do this are not readily available.

DBL Is Here To Help

Introducing the world's first micro-scheduler. Don't Be Late is an app to help you organize and execute your schedule. You can set up saveable and repeatable scenarios made up of tasks and building up to a final goal: being on time.

Don't Be Late! is a powerful and flexible scheduling tool as well, allowing you to implement Plans that extend over several days with one or more fixed time Goals and ASAP/ALAP scheduling constructs. This means you can manage your time and tasks YOUR way!




A short video introducing Don't Be Late!

Don't Be Late is available for IOS and Android devices, and has a common look and feel on all platforms.


Plan List Page.png

Plan List

A sample of the DBL home screen on an Android device with the default color scheme. On this screen we see a list of our Plans; Underway, Future, and Done.

Plan Page.png

DBL Plan

To get here we just tapped the Plan on the Plan List page.

Here we see DBL in action, helping us know what time to set our alarm to catch a flight from Detroit to Tampa for some golf.

The flight departs at 10:15am, and since we don't want to be late we will set our alarm for 7:30am



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