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Don't Be Late! (DBL) has been created to help all of us organize and execute the Steps necessary to accomplish the time sensitive Goals in our lives. A "Micro Scheduler" if you will.

Living in modern times means we always have things we need to get done on schedule. That is, we all have an ongoing stream of goals which must be done effectively and on time.

Some examples of Goals:
* Get to School on Time
* Make a Flight
* Get to Church for our Wedding!
* Take a new friend on a Date
* Be ready to be picked up for a Date
* Be ready to swing away at tee off time
* Meet friends for a live Concert
* Get Daughter to her Soccer Game
* Ride a Dressage Test

These Goals have one thing in common; they need to be done on time! When they are not done on time, stress for you and those around you is the result.
Now, you will most likely put these Goals on any modern calendar. This is a good step, but only doing that really does not help us actually accomplish the Goal on time.

Accomplishing a Goal on time means executing a series of Steps, each of which takes a certain amount of time. Helping you identify, organize, and execute these Steps is what Don't Be Late! is all about.

The Don't Be Late! approach is to allow you to create a Plan consisting of a series of Steps. These Steps represent:

  • Goals that must be accomplished at a specific (fixed) times
  • Tasks which must be done to accomplish a Goal on time
  • Tasks that can be done after a Goal is accomplished

To implement a simple Goal oriented DBL Plan, you will do the following:

  1. Enter a Goal Step, specifying the fixed time for the Step to be completed.
  2. Enter the Steps that must be completed prior to the Goal, and the time needed to complete each Step.

And that's it! DBL will then calculate backwards from the Goal time and determine when each Task should start and finish.

A Goal/Task example:

  1. Alarm Rings (0 min)
  2. Snooze Alarm (10 min)
  3. Bathroom business (15 min)
  4. Get Dressed (7 min)
  5. Make breakfast (5 min)
  6. Eat breakfast (10 min)
  7. Clean up (2 min)
  8. Gather school materials (5 min)
  9. Drive to school (24 min)
  10. Park and get to class (15 min)
  11. Get to School on Time (0 min)  ->    Fixed @7:10 <- Goal

Once this is entered into a DBL Plan you will see that the alarm must be set to 6:02 to get to class on time. Don't Be Late! will monitor your progress and help you accomplish the Goal on time. And, you can have a plan recur!

Now, please note that DBL is also capable of pretty complex personal time scheduling, using "As Soon As Possible" (ASAP), "As Late As Possible" (ALAP), and Fixed Time steps.

This allows you to create a full day, week, or longer schedule with multiple Goals and Steps. This makes DBL particularly useful for those of us that need a bit of help with general time allocation and day planning.

To summarize the nature of Don't Be Late!:

  • Goal and Step oriented
  • Helps us accomplish Goals On Time
  • Helps us avoid nagging
    • No one wants to be nagged!
    • No one wants to be the nag either!
  • Helps conquer habitual lateness
  • Eliminate some stress in our relationships
  • Promotes independence
  • Promotes organized thinking
  • Promotes development of planning skills
  • Helps us think about what we should be doing, in what order, and when

Using Don't Be Late! will improve your organizational and planning skills, utilizing a simple planning pattern and an easy-to-use application on your smart phone or tablet.


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